Best Wireless Routers under $100- You Must Buy

There are several reasons why people uses a router at home or offices. The exceptional router gives good internet connectivity with good speed. Most of the workplaces use router as it gives instant web connectivity on any locations. In this post, I am suggesting some of the best wireless routers under $100.

There is a wired and wireless router, but the wired router seems to be more reliable than the wireless. Connecting multiple devices to a single router is absolutely easy, and that is the beneficial factors of having a router. All kinds of routers have features like ports for wired connectivity and USB ports. The function of a wireless router is to give good connectivity to individuals.

List of Best Wireless Routers under $100

Best Wireless Router under $100

 TP-Link AC1200 Wireless

This router upgrades the network to 802.11ac which is the most powerful and latest Wi-Fi technology. You can now experience HD streaming with good performance of AC 1200 Wi-Fi. You will find superior Wi-Fi connectivity with detachable antennas.

Its advanced security encryption easily detects all your data and gives secure connection via WPS button. The total bandwidth of this router is 1.2Gbps and provides simultaneous dual band networks. All the network settings can be managed with TP-LINK Tether app.

 TP-Link N600 Wi-Fi Wireless Router

This is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi Wireless routers that has the best design. The total available bandwidth of this router is 600Mbps. You can easily share printers, media, files with family and friends on the internet.

It’s full gigabit ports gives users good transfer speed which is of IPv6 Ready. This router comes with LAN and WAN with the best 800Mbps power. The hardware NAT is quite good that provides quality network speed. The media server which comes inbuilt allows you to share video, photos, and music easily.

It has Gigabit ports and additional 2 USB 2.0 cable ports for sharing FTP servers, media players and much more. So, this can be the suggested router under $100.

The above mentioned are the best wireless routers under 100 dollars that are really good. You can get any of these routers at your home or offices for better Wi-Fi connectivity.