The Five Main reasons to Install IOS 8- iPhone Hacks

The update began arriving this morning to users of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, and iPad mini iPad mini with Retina display.iOS 8 includes a number of developments, summarized by Apple Photos in iCloud, allowing the user to access the photos and videos on all devices.

New features in Messages to share voice, video or photos by simply moving a finger; Health and the new app, which gathers all data on health and fitness in one place.iOS 8 also includes word completion for Quick Type Apple keyboard; Share with the Family; Drive and iCloud, which stores files and access them from anywhere.

The five major developments in iOS 8 are :

Interactive Notifications , ie, among others, the ability to reply to a message without having to go to the respective application. Apple announced that the function will be more complete once developers adapt their apps to iOS 8 Thus, for example, could interact in social networks without having to open an app.

Keyboard : Besides allowing for the first time to install third party keyboards like Swype and SwiftKey, Apple says the update significantly improves the prediction of writing, it is even able to advise different words depending on the application where the user is located. “IOS eight knows that when you write messages do not sound like that when you write emails. Know also that you do not use the same tone with your friends with your boss,” the company noted.

Continuity : Apple returns to maximize the integration of their systems, allowing iPhone, iPad and Mac work virtually the same time. The function allows you to start an email on the iPhone, for example, and continue on the Mac The system also allows you to send text messages from any device. “Writing to friends who do not have an iPhone is easier because you can send and receive SMS messages and MMS directly to your iPad or Mac, “said Apple. If the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can answer or make calls from a Mac or iPad, as long as they are associated with an iPhone.

Posts : The native messaging app Apple added voice messaging function already present in the most popular messengers, through gesture Tap to Talk, which will also be used to send video and photos. The service also adds the ability to share the user’s geographic location.

Health : This is a new application that will allow users to have a more detailed data on health and sports reporting. Health brings together the information the user chooses the different apps health and fitness devices and displays a unified way. With user permission, any application can use other apps specific information to provide a complete control. For example, apps that use Nike + NikeFuel can access other health indicators, such as sleep and food, to create a custom user profile and enhance athletic performance.

Learn How to Delete Facebook Messages


Have you ever stuck in a situation when you want to hide a message and someone else had accidentally read the message? Now, you might be thinking how to delete messages on Facebook, so no one can read them later. Here are certain tips to delete messages on Facebook from conversation or messages.


Deleting messages or conversation from Facebook

Here are some of the ways to delete Facebook messages from the conversation:

  • On the left side of homepage, click on Messages
  • Open the conversation from which you want the message
  • Now, from ‘Actions’ menu, ‘Delete Messages’ should be selected
  • Now, select the messages that you wish to delete by checking the check-boxes
  • Click on ‘Delete’ option

This is how you can delete messages from Facebook conversation. You can delete one or more than one messages together at one click after selecting the message list. Now check out the ways to delete entire Facebook Conversation.

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How to delete Facebook Messages i.e Full Conversation

If you do not wish to keep the complete chat with some or the other person then it would be better to delete full Facebook conversation from your account. All you need to do is:

  • Go to ‘Messages’ on left side of your homepage
  • Open the conversation that you wish to delete
  • Go to ‘Actions’ menu and click on ’Delete Conversation’
  • Entire conversation would be deleted now at one go

How to Remove Attachment from Facebook Chat

If you wish to keep the messages or conversation, but delete the attachment that had been sent to you then follow the steps to do so. If you are in the chat window, you should click the gear wheel to see full conversation. Go to ‘Action Menu’ on top and go to ‘Delete Messages’. Simply check the box in front of the attachment that you wish to delete. Now, you are given with a last chance to be sure that whether you still wish to delete the messages permanently or not. Clicking on ‘Delete Messages’ will make sure that you wish to delete the messages permanently and on your click, the selected attachments will be deleted.

Deleting messages from Facebook is easy and simple and people often delete their messages in order to keep their personal information private and do not let other people to know that what exactly they had chatted with others. This in turn provides a secure means of protecting the useful information that you share on chat. So, even if your Facebook profile is kept logged in and you have deleted the private conversation and messages, then no one can read your messages and conversation.

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Final words

The above article shares vital information to delete Facebook messages, conversation, and attachments easily in just few simple steps. If you want to keep your conversation private then deleting it is a better option. In this way you can protect the useful information getting shared with someone else accidentally.

How to add an Image to Your Windows Live Hotmail Email Signature


Be cautious in adding an image because it says more than oh-so-many words. Imagine, then, what select words plus a hand-picked image or two can say!hotmail

Combine words and images in your Windows Live Hotmail signature and you get the personalized effect with every email you send. When you do insert your company logo or something
funny (or, of course, your funny logo), make sure the signature does not grow too large.

To insert a picture or graphic into your Windows Live Hotmail signature:

Select Options and then More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
Click Message font ( text input) and signature under Writing email.
Open either a web page ( or google an image you like that will fit Hotmail requirements) containing the image or the image itself (using its URL) in a separate browser window. It actually depends on the mood you want to impart with each email you send out.
Unfortunately, you can only insert graphics or images that reside on a publicly accessible web server. Images only stored on your computer, alas, do not work. Although there is a wide range of variety of pictures and images on the worldwide web you can enjoy.
If you don’t have a website, turn to a free image hosting service instead.
If your image is larger than some 200×100 pixels, consider shrinking it before you put it online, otherwise, it may not be accepted and you would have to resize it anyway.

How to Create PayPal Account Online – Easiest way


Paypal is one of the largest online payment gateways that is used worldwide. It serves numbers of customers every day. PayPal was initially started in year 1998, but was taken over by eBay in year 2002. Paypal runs across 190 countries and allows you to transfer money to your friends, colleagues, relatives, or any other person. You can even shop through PayPal Account. You just need to sign up for Paypal Account and then need to verify few things in order to get your PayPal account. So, follow these steps to open PayPal Account. paypal

Open PayPal Account

The first and the most important step is to open PayPal Website and look across its three services provided to the customers. You can pay online, send money and can even get paid. Paypal provides you with three major types of account namely- Personal Account, Premier Account, and Business Account. Here are steps to sign up for different accounts on Paypal.

Sign Up for Paypal Account

  • Go to Sign Up Option
  • Now, select the country and your residence
  • Also select the type of account you wish to open
  • Now, it will ask you for username and password. Username will be the email address of the person
  • You also need to fill the person’s legal name, phone number, date of birth etc.
  • Check the privacy policies and user agreement
  • The Paypal account will be setup and will require the verification from PayPal

Access Give with Different Accounts on Paypal

If you sign up for the Personal Paypal Account, it will be free for you. This is basically for the individuals, who do not wish to receive fund and loves to shop. The Premier Paypal Account is for the people, who wish to send or receive money to people. It will charge a little when you are transferring the money, but receiving the money will be free. The Business Paypal Account is for the people, who operate under the company name. You will be charged for sending and receiving the money.

Information needed for opening PayPal Account

One needs to verify himself/herself, so that money transfer limit is unlimited. If you have a verified Paypal account then you can send and receive any amount of money. You need to enter the right name matching your bank details or credit card details. Other information required will be Social Security Code, Bank Account Details, Credit/Debit card details, and Driving License. PayPal may require some additional documents like driving license copy or bill copy to verify you. You need to upload the documents required on demand and get Paypal Account fully verified.

Set Up Security Settings

Once your PayPal Account gets verified you must update security settings to stay secured. Set the passcode from your profile page that can be used for contacting customer care support. A Passcode should be a 6 digit number but should not include the string of number. Enable the mobile security key feature.

Final Words:

Opening a Paypal Account will help you out in making the transaction worldwide and that too at a nominal fee in a secured way. Moreover, you will get the reliability or early payment as compared to other services. Signing up for Paypal account should be the first job for internet marketers and online companies.

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1S – Step by Step Guide

Xiaomi is one of the most popular names when it comes to talking about latest technical things which are prevalent within India. However it would be surprising to know that phones launched under this brand name have not been advertised much but still has managed to be in limelight and also be in good books of consumers. The best part about the phone is it is delivered at lowest possible prices but has configuration which is equivalent to a smart phone. Another different thing about the phone is they are available in limited quantity only on online websites, thus luring the customers to buy them using specific channels.

xiamoi redmi 1s

Features of Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of the phone which makes it quite appealing and popular amongst the consumers;

  • The phone is available in Dual SIM along with features of 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It has 1.6 GHz processor and quad core processor making it an efficient performer.
  • It has 1GB RAM making it easy and fast to use.
  • Internal memory of the phone is around 8 GB.
  • The display size of the phone is around 4.7 inches.
  • It has 8 MP camera with flash, which gives user a clear picture.
  • The phone has Android version 4.3.


Prerequisite Before Rooting Xiaomi Redmi 1S

It is important that few things should be considered to make sure that rooting of phone is done in a desired way;

  • Make sure to take back up of the data which has been stored in the phone.
  • Access setting tab on your phone, and after reaching their click build number five times. Once you are their enable the developer options on the phone.
  • The memory on your device should be Stock Mi Recovery 2.0.1 which is already installed within your phone.
  • The battery on your phone should be maintained at full and if not full then make sure it is 75%. In case if this criteria is not met, there is risk of your phone getting switched off mid way in the process. If this occurs, then it can cause your phone to block.

Once above mentioned pre requisites have been met, then you can be sure that you are ready and all set for rooting of your device.

Steps to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Following steps can be followed for carrying out rooting of the device;

  • Download file on to your system, and after downloading it on computer it can be shifted to your phone using a USB Cable. The file can be saved on a SD card.
  • Then be sure that Redmi 1s has been properly disconnected from USB and then boot it into Mi-Recovery.
  • While you are under the process of Mi-Recovery, choose any language of your preference.
  • Then confirm the installation of file on to your phone, the installation process may take just a few seconds.
  • On the completion of installation, choose reboot from the options.
  • Once reboot has been carried out, then switch on to security wherein permission has to be taken and activate root permission.

The required process shall gift you with a new and more flexible phone, so what are you waiting for get started and make proper use of it. Following above steps can thus ensure that all steps are carried out successfully.

Final Words!

Rooting can be carried out to make your phone much better in its performance and functioning. However before carrying out the process, the consumer should be sure that warranty of the phone shall end as and when rooting process on your phone has been carried out. However, unrooting the device again will get back the warranty for you.