The Five Main reasons to Install IOS 8- iPhone Hacks

The update began arriving this morning to users of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, and iPad mini iPad mini with Retina display.iOS 8 includes a number of developments, summarized by Apple Photos in iCloud, allowing the user to access the photos and videos on all devices.

New features in Messages to share voice, video or photos by simply moving a finger; Health and the new app, which gathers all data on health and fitness in one place.iOS 8 also includes word completion for Quick Type Apple keyboard; Share with the Family; Drive and iCloud, which stores files and access them from anywhere.

The five major developments in iOS 8 are :

Interactive Notifications , ie, among others, the ability to reply to a message without having to go to the respective application. Apple announced that the function will be more complete once developers adapt their apps to iOS 8 Thus, for example, could interact in social networks without having to open an app.

Keyboard : Besides allowing for the first time to install third party keyboards like Swype and SwiftKey, Apple says the update significantly improves the prediction of writing, it is even able to advise different words depending on the application where the user is located. “IOS eight knows that when you write messages do not sound like that when you write emails. Know also that you do not use the same tone with your friends with your boss,” the company noted.

Continuity : Apple returns to maximize the integration of their systems, allowing iPhone, iPad and Mac work virtually the same time. The function allows you to start an email on the iPhone, for example, and continue on the Mac The system also allows you to send text messages from any device. “Writing to friends who do not have an iPhone is easier because you can send and receive SMS messages and MMS directly to your iPad or Mac, “said Apple. If the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can answer or make calls from a Mac or iPad, as long as they are associated with an iPhone.

Posts : The native messaging app Apple added voice messaging function already present in the most popular messengers, through gesture Tap to Talk, which will also be used to send video and photos. The service also adds the ability to share the user’s geographic location.

Health : This is a new application that will allow users to have a more detailed data on health and sports reporting. Health brings together the information the user chooses the different apps health and fitness devices and displays a unified way. With user permission, any application can use other apps specific information to provide a complete control. For example, apps that use Nike + NikeFuel can access other health indicators, such as sleep and food, to create a custom user profile and enhance athletic performance.