Google has no intention to fix bugs in Android Versions

Fix bugs in Android: Google issued statement regarding web view security bug that affects devices running Android Older Versions, a blemish that puts more than 900 million users at risk. The previous move could leave some users with older phones exposed to hackers and spies.

According to Google, some users may have uploaded their browsers to newer versions which released in mid 2013 known as jelly bean. This policy doesn’t apply to browser in Kitkat released in October 2014 or Lollipop released in November 2014. This policy focuses on security resources on patching more-current software.  Windows XP supporting was stopped bu same reasoning of Microsoft.

Google has no Special intention to fix bugs in Android Versions:

Google has no Special intention to fix bugs in Android Versions

This increases the new bugs and security holes in old software which turns dangerous when it becomes public, since companies don’t fix them. Here the bug found in Android allows hackers to control on device if it is running with older versions. Android 4.4 and 5.0 is unaffected by the latest flaw. Around 60 percent of users who are using lower versions of Android are at Risk.

Rapid7’s Tod Beardsley discovered the security bug and he described as rising news to Google.  Google is no longer going to be providing patches for 4.3.

Are you at Risk?

  • Users of the latest Android versions have to update Android 4.4 and 5.0, are unaffected.
  • Around 60 percent of Android users are using 4.3 or below, and they are at risk.
  • If possible, users are advised to update their software.

Learn How to Delete Facebook Messages


Have you ever stuck in a situation when you want to hide a message and someone else had accidentally read the message? Now, you might be thinking how to delete messages on Facebook, so no one can read them later. Here are certain tips to delete messages on Facebook from conversation or messages.


Deleting messages or conversation from Facebook

Here are some of the ways to delete Facebook messages from the conversation:

  • On the left side of homepage, click on Messages
  • Open the conversation from which you want the message
  • Now, from ‘Actions’ menu, ‘Delete Messages’ should be selected
  • Now, select the messages that you wish to delete by checking the check-boxes
  • Click on ‘Delete’ option

This is how you can delete messages from Facebook conversation. You can delete one or more than one messages together at one click after selecting the message list. Now check out the ways to delete entire Facebook Conversation.

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How to delete Facebook Messages i.e Full Conversation

If you do not wish to keep the complete chat with some or the other person then it would be better to delete full Facebook conversation from your account. All you need to do is:

  • Go to ‘Messages’ on left side of your homepage
  • Open the conversation that you wish to delete
  • Go to ‘Actions’ menu and click on ’Delete Conversation’
  • Entire conversation would be deleted now at one go

How to Remove Attachment from Facebook Chat

If you wish to keep the messages or conversation, but delete the attachment that had been sent to you then follow the steps to do so. If you are in the chat window, you should click the gear wheel to see full conversation. Go to ‘Action Menu’ on top and go to ‘Delete Messages’. Simply check the box in front of the attachment that you wish to delete. Now, you are given with a last chance to be sure that whether you still wish to delete the messages permanently or not. Clicking on ‘Delete Messages’ will make sure that you wish to delete the messages permanently and on your click, the selected attachments will be deleted.

Deleting messages from Facebook is easy and simple and people often delete their messages in order to keep their personal information private and do not let other people to know that what exactly they had chatted with others. This in turn provides a secure means of protecting the useful information that you share on chat. So, even if your Facebook profile is kept logged in and you have deleted the private conversation and messages, then no one can read your messages and conversation.

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Final words

The above article shares vital information to delete Facebook messages, conversation, and attachments easily in just few simple steps. If you want to keep your conversation private then deleting it is a better option. In this way you can protect the useful information getting shared with someone else accidentally.

How to Transfer iTunes Music to Windows Phone


The iTunes is a established library used in Apple iPhone to download songs and software from Apple store. It is an exclusive product from Apple and only iPhone users have privilege to download this library on their PC. Let’s say that you have been using iPhone for long time and finally decide to start using Windows phone. Chances are that initially you may love the phone but later on you start missing some crucial apps and services of iPhone.

iTunesAs an iPhone user, you would want to download all the music directly in your device from iTunes of move it onto by using iTunes application. But now you have all the songs sitting in the application which doesn’t know what Windows phone is. There is a way out of this tricky situation as now Microsoft has put together an easy way to pull out your music from iTunes and put it inside Windows phone.

One thing to keep in mind is that the files are DRM-protected and will not be able to be ported onto your phone. There are ways to convert these files to unprotected versions but we will not be discussing that here. Now, without wasting your time you are requested to get towards the steps:

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Prerequisites and Setting For Your Computer

The best thing to do is continue using iTunes to manage your music songs and be a novice when it comes to using technology.

  1. The first step is to download and install Windows Phone app for Desktop
  2. Click on settings in the top right corner, otherwise upon the time of installation, the program may walk you through the process automatically the first time. Under sync music, videos, and more select iTunes. Your music and other media will show up in the Windows Phone app for desktop allowing you to choose what to sync with your phone
  3. Next you make sure Sync music has a check in the box next to it available. Check the boxes next to the genres, bands and albums which you may wish to sync with your phone. Click the sync button and watch the magic happen
  4. If you are looking to clean break from iTunes and want to manage your music with another application, or just as files in folders, then this is quite quick and easy thing to do. You will need to know where your files are stored
  5. You will see your music and songs in your Music Library. If your music was purchased from iTunes then you can also find it in- C:Users”your name”MymusiciTunesiTunes Media.

Post Installation Steps

  1. Locate the place on your system where the songs are stored
  2. Open the Windows explorer or file explorer (Windows 8 or 10)
  3. Your windows phone will show up as a device in the left pane
  4. Click on the left side of your phone and then on the hard drive icon. Inside there you will see the folder of music files.
  5. Now you can copy paste the files from the folder from your system/PC/Laptop to the music folder on your system
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This are the steps which you are supposed to follow to transfer iTunes music to Windows Phone. I am sure your all queries and questions related to this have been removed now. However, if you have any questions to ask then do let us know. Any of our team member will get back to your queries as soon as possible. Furthermore, don’t forget to share this with your other friends and circle.

How To Add A Recipient In Hotmail


Delivery receipt feature currently not available in Hotmail. But changing the settings on Hotmail after you send a message, lets you know that your email message has been sent to the recipient. Here’s how to check if it’s enabled:

hotmailGo to your Inbox
Click Options on the upper-right then select More Options
Under Writing Email select Sent Message Confirmations.
Select Show me the sent message confirmation page after I send an e-mail then click on Save.

Generate a read receipt when you send a message from a Hotmail account to receive a notification once the recipient has opened the message. It’s necessary to access the account through a desktop email client to take advantage of it. Use Outlook Express, which is factory installed on all versions of Windows, if you don’t have your own desktop email client.
Here’s how:
Open the “Start” menu and choose “Outlook Express.” Add your account if you haven’t already. Select “Accounts” from the “Tools” drop-down menu and click “Add.” Input your Hotmail email address, click “Next,” select “POP3” and type in “” in both the “Ingoing” and “Outgoing” fields. Click “Next” and input your email address into the “Account Name” field, input your Hotmail password and choose “Finish.”

Select “Compose” and compose a message to send to a recipient. Input the email address, a subject and a body of the message.

Choose the “Tools” drop-down menu from the message window. Select “Request Read Receipt.” Click “Send” and you receive a notification once the recipient opens your message. Hope this helps.

How to add an Image to Your Windows Live Hotmail Email Signature


Be cautious in adding an image because it says more than oh-so-many words. Imagine, then, what select words plus a hand-picked image or two can say!hotmail

Combine words and images in your Windows Live Hotmail signature and you get the personalized effect with every email you send. When you do insert your company logo or something
funny (or, of course, your funny logo), make sure the signature does not grow too large.

To insert a picture or graphic into your Windows Live Hotmail signature:

Select Options and then More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
Click Message font ( text input) and signature under Writing email.
Open either a web page ( or google an image you like that will fit Hotmail requirements) containing the image or the image itself (using its URL) in a separate browser window. It actually depends on the mood you want to impart with each email you send out.
Unfortunately, you can only insert graphics or images that reside on a publicly accessible web server. Images only stored on your computer, alas, do not work. Although there is a wide range of variety of pictures and images on the worldwide web you can enjoy.
If you don’t have a website, turn to a free image hosting service instead.
If your image is larger than some 200×100 pixels, consider shrinking it before you put it online, otherwise, it may not be accepted and you would have to resize it anyway.

How to Create PayPal Account Online – Easiest way


Paypal is one of the largest online payment gateways that is used worldwide. It serves numbers of customers every day. PayPal was initially started in year 1998, but was taken over by eBay in year 2002. Paypal runs across 190 countries and allows you to transfer money to your friends, colleagues, relatives, or any other person. You can even shop through PayPal Account. You just need to sign up for Paypal Account and then need to verify few things in order to get your PayPal account. So, follow these steps to open PayPal Account. paypal

Open PayPal Account

The first and the most important step is to open PayPal Website and look across its three services provided to the customers. You can pay online, send money and can even get paid. Paypal provides you with three major types of account namely- Personal Account, Premier Account, and Business Account. Here are steps to sign up for different accounts on Paypal.

Sign Up for Paypal Account

  • Go to Sign Up Option
  • Now, select the country and your residence
  • Also select the type of account you wish to open
  • Now, it will ask you for username and password. Username will be the email address of the person
  • You also need to fill the person’s legal name, phone number, date of birth etc.
  • Check the privacy policies and user agreement
  • The Paypal account will be setup and will require the verification from PayPal

Access Give with Different Accounts on Paypal

If you sign up for the Personal Paypal Account, it will be free for you. This is basically for the individuals, who do not wish to receive fund and loves to shop. The Premier Paypal Account is for the people, who wish to send or receive money to people. It will charge a little when you are transferring the money, but receiving the money will be free. The Business Paypal Account is for the people, who operate under the company name. You will be charged for sending and receiving the money.

Information needed for opening PayPal Account

One needs to verify himself/herself, so that money transfer limit is unlimited. If you have a verified Paypal account then you can send and receive any amount of money. You need to enter the right name matching your bank details or credit card details. Other information required will be Social Security Code, Bank Account Details, Credit/Debit card details, and Driving License. PayPal may require some additional documents like driving license copy or bill copy to verify you. You need to upload the documents required on demand and get Paypal Account fully verified.

Set Up Security Settings

Once your PayPal Account gets verified you must update security settings to stay secured. Set the passcode from your profile page that can be used for contacting customer care support. A Passcode should be a 6 digit number but should not include the string of number. Enable the mobile security key feature.

Final Words:

Opening a Paypal Account will help you out in making the transaction worldwide and that too at a nominal fee in a secured way. Moreover, you will get the reliability or early payment as compared to other services. Signing up for Paypal account should be the first job for internet marketers and online companies.

Bluetooth Driver Installer for Windows 8.1


Bluetooth is a wireless technology which is used to transfer documents from your mobile device to your personal computer or laptop. The technology was developed in 2001 and this device requires Bluetooth adapter and a Bluetooth receiver to communicate with each other with the help of wireless signals. Many computers have built in Bluetooth adapters whereas some devices require support from external Bluetooth installer device software. The download and install of Bluetooth driver installer for windows is for free based on your system configuration and operating system.


For Microsoft window, Bluetooth installer device is available for download for free of cost and easily available on many websites officially through Microsoft site. The guidelines for installing Bluetooth driver installer for windows is available on Microsoft guidelines page, however before making changes in your system requires a restoration point because in case of system failure or driver failure, the same software could be restored to the actual point.

Features of Bluetooth Driver Installer

It has been used immensely because of various features in built within it, some of them have been mentioned below;

  • It is a wireless technology which can be used to install Microsoft drivers for your Bluetooth adapter.
  • It works with all type of wireless technologies whether built in or supported externally using a driver.
  • Bluetooth driver installer for windows can be used to access Bluetooth device and can be used to transfer video, images, software, applications, pictures, PDF documents, emails and other relevant stuff.
  • The Bluetooth driver installer for windows is available for free and the official download of this software is available for free of cost.

How to download Bluetooth Driver Installer

This software utility provides opportunity to install Microsoft driver for your Bluetooth adapter. One of the key things about installation of Bluetooth driver installer for windows is that it works for all type of Bluetooth devices and also for USB dongles or built in. It is a useful software which allows you to access Bluetooth device and help you transfer documents, images, picture and video between your phone and your personal computer. There are so many benefits of Bluetooth driver installer for windows and this software is available for free.  However there are some exceptions to some Bluetooth devices and you can also see the list of exceptions. If you are willing to install any software on your system, it is recommended to create a restore point from where you can restore in case of any failure.

  • Visit the website
  • There are two versions of Bluetooth driver installer for windows: 32-bit (x86) version BluetoothDriverInstaller.exe (1.9 Mb) and 64-bit (x64) version BluetoothDriverInstaller_x64.exe (3.0 Mb).
  • Once you have downloaded Bluetooth driver installer for windows, you can follow the simple installation steps.

Also you need to uninstall the Bluetooth stack existing, reboot your computer and click on cancel when windows asks for driver. Later on you can run bluetoothdriverinstaller.exe file and follow the simple instruction set.

Final words

Bluetooth installer software is available for download free of cost and you simply need to follow some simple guidelines to access this software.

How to automatically forward messages sent to Hotmail to other email accounts and to access my e-mails using


Hotmail lets you automatically forward incoming messages to another email address of your choice, and it doesn’t even have to be another Microsoft account. It can be a Gmail under google, a yahoo mail or another email account you may prefer.outlook

Like many web users, you’ve probably got more than one webmail account. However, it can certainly be a chore remembering
to regularly check all of these email accounts.Like many web users, you’ve probably got more than one webmail account.
However, it can certainly be a chore remembering to check all of these email accounts.
Are you going on a vacation or a trip or simply want to be able to access everything in one email?
Why not set up a forwarding filter that ensures incoming emails are forwarded to another address, ideally one you check regularly,
so you never miss a message.
Step one
Login to your Hotmail account and go straight to your inbox. From the options menu in the top right-hand corner, select More Options.
Step two
Select the Email forwarding option. Then check the box next to Forward your mail to another email account. Enter the email address you want the messages to be forwarded to in the box and you can also choose to leave the copy of the message in your Hotmail inbox. Press Save.
Just make sure to have your email notifications on whenever you need your emails received and checked precisely at the time you received them.

How to access my e-mails using login

Step 1: From any computer that has a good Internet connection or access, start Internet Explorer or firefox or chrome or any preferred browser you are used to and on the address bar ( the topmost search bar with https on it) type in;
Step 2: Type in or using the history from your computer Go to
Step 3: When you are prompted for a username and password, enter the following information:
E-mail Address: enter E-mail Address: Enter your MSN member ID and in this format:
Last Step: You will be signed into Hotmail with your MSN account.
Click the Mail tab at the top of the screen to display your MSN inbox.
Password: Enter your MSN member password.
Make sure you don’t have your caps lock on especially if you don’t have much capital or uppercase letters in your password.

Step 4: Click Sign-In and it should lead you to your mailbox.
Step 5: You will be signed into Hotmail or Outlook with your MSN account. Click the Mail tab at the top of the screen to display your MSN inbox and read on to the emails you want to see first following its topics from the subject line heading. You can also see here the other folders you may have and sort your emails accordingly to clean up your inbox. This will help you find them in the future faster and easier.

Guide On Sending Pictures in (Hotmail),


In 2013, MSN Hotmail was replaced by a new service called However, you can still log in with a Hotmail e-mail address if you have one.msn

Attaching files to an e-mail

Log into your Hotmail or Outlook account at
In the upper left-hand corner, click the New link with the plus sign next to it.
Select the Attach button with a paper clip (looks like a swirl) next to it.
Click the Browse button and browse to the image you wish to attach. … It depends on where you stored the pictures. Go there and simply choose what you want to attach and send through your email
Navigate or go to the folders where you want to get the file you’d like to attach, and then click the checkbox next to that file(s) or you can double click on the file itselfoutlook

Select Next, and then choose whether you’d like to attach a copy or a OneDrive file. You will have to wait for the whole file to upload depending on how big the file is.
After that, the file is now attached and ready to send when you see the remove button next to it.
If the attachment is successful, you should see a link and usually an icon with the file name(s) in your message. Once you’re ready to send the message, click the Send button. or, Click Ok or OK and Attach Another if you wish to do more than one image.
This way you can send multiple pictures in one email alone.

How to Add Approved Senders to Hotmail, now called Outlook.


Here are some easy steps on how to add an email address to your Hotmail account to ensure that it is always approved and not sent to the spam folder. Sometimes you end up not getting them at (Formerly Hotmail)
First, Open your Outlook mailbox or Open your Hotmail account. Key in your password, etc., as required.
Select Options from the top right (next to the question mark)located at the top-right part of your screen (below your email address).
Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders.
In the space provided, enter the address. … then,
Select Add to list.
Check it’s operational by seeing that all the right boxes are checked. You’re done! Congratulations.
You can allow mail from specific email addresses to safely come into your inbox without it being placed in your junk or spam folder
by whitelisting email addresses within your email client or Internet security software and adding email addresses to a safe senders list.Hotmail

Pay it forward: If you want to share this information with your friend just email them this simple steps, copy and paste or simply forward to their email address.
Better yet, if you are instructing your contacts to add you to their safe sender lists, just have them
add the email address you use in your From Email Address line. Just simply have them highlight your email address and add to their contacts.