PLAYBOY APP DOWNLOAD: How to install it for free

WHAT IS PLAYBOX? PlayBox is an application android based that serves the largest collection of movies, cartoons, series and TV shows with unlimited streaming. PlayBox is one of the best apps since it allows its users to stream videos in HD. Latterly PlayBox developed in Mac OS.

PlayBox HD App is alternative for Showbox, MovieBox and Cinema Box. It has multiple users around the world such as Android users, Windows users, and Ions users. The videos and movies are streaming in standard and different quality in PlayBox and in Showbox Updated v4.81.

Is PLAYBOX Available For Android Download

playbox download

All over the Android users are waiting for new updates of application. PlayBox application updates its new Android version in play store. By following steps, PlayBox app easily installed in Android.

  • First, download the PlayBox app in play store and install it. If PlayBox not available in the play store, the app installed manually. The application supports Android 6.0 and lower.
  • And then go to settings on your phone or tablet and go to the security where you find unknown sources kind of option available.
  • Turn on the unknown sources, check the storage type in hardware backed or not. If it is in hardware, you will continue your installation progress.
  • After that, the application successfully installed on your phone.
  • In PlayBox you can find movies, music, cartoons, videos and TV series.
  • Additionally, the kids’ mode feature added in Android version application. The current version doesn’t support any video downloads.


The PlayBox app allows you to watch and download High Definition movies and TV shows. Now the latest version of PlayBox.APK file here to sideload the application to Android and Android based device. The following steps are the installation of playbox.apk

  • The application supports Android-based devices such as the BlackBerry 10, Ouya, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • This kind of mobile doesn’t have play store for that the PlayBox download and installed by manually.
  • First, you should go to the settings on your phone and then app manager to install programs. In there, you will find an option Allow apps other sources to be installed
  • Turn on the option the application will automatically start download
  • For other Android-based devices go to Make > Software > Browser and download .APK file
  • Exit the browser
  • Go to Manage > System > Advanced > Storage > Downloads and open the .APK to install PlayBox


  • At first download the official PlayBox application to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • PlayBox allows you to watch movies, TV series, cartoons, and animation in HD from



  • The app supports iOS 6+ and its working for iOS 9.0.2 also.
  • At first, download the app from app store on iPhone and install it.
  • It loads a login page without the log in the app doesn’t work for iPhone.
  • So you must log in with your email id or other

    ids. Then the user can enjoy movies, videos through online streaming.

These are the steps to download and install the application from various operating systems. Hope you learn a lot from these posts. Download the latest version of PlayBox, install it and enjoy it.