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A few months before Arrested Development’s fourth season telecast on Netflix, the show runner shows that fans shouldn’t binge-watch all 15 episodes in one go. Since I’m such a rebel (and one with zero percent patience), I did so anyways, and Mitch should be grateful. Because truly, I don’t know how much I would have liked the new season if I had watched it at a “normal” pace.

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Main things we want to see on Arrested Development:

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Going into the total season, I was a small hesitant regarding the fresh format, and this soon became afraid and depressed as the early episodes dragged on (and yes, I mean dragged). After watching the Michael-centric show, a concerned friend called me: “Michael has always been a putz, but never a schmuck!”

I comforted him to the best of my capabilities, but I knew he was sure. Without the rest of the Bluths to make his superiority complex relatably amusing, Michael (Jason Bateman) did become a pathetic schmuck, clinging to his youth and the only family he had left, his son. It was a heartbreaking and tragic start to a show that has defined comedy for me since 2003.

But even when the focus shifted off Michael to his father, I realized how pleasant I was George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) spent more of his time in jail or in hiding. Watching George run scams in Mexico as Father B was amusing at times but boring, and I found myself dreading any more time spent at the Mexican sweat lodge.

I hurt me to write this. It honestly does. I wanted to like Season 4 as much as I loved the first three, but I’d be lying to myself (and to you) if I ignored its weaknesses. I fell in love with Arrested Development for its density, intricacy, and the dysfunctional Bluth family as a whole.

But unfortunately, these aspects were absent for the first half of Season 4, exposing the fact that maybe these characters aren’t as likable as we want them to be.